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Past Masters – Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No. 217

Past Masters

1747-81John Hunter1905-08Donald Main
1781-82Patrick Hunter1908-11Alexander Craig
1782-83Thomas Foster1911-14Archibald Hamilton
1783-84John Barr1914-17W H Wilson
1784-85Archibald Falconer Snr1917-19Alex Wilson
1785-87James Shaw1919-22Joseph Brown
1787-88Alexander McLachlan1922-23John Scrimgeour
1788-89Daniel Cumming1923-25George Howatt
1789-90Adam Johnstone1925-26John Crawford
1790-91James Shaw1926-29James McCartney
1791-94Robert Paton1929-31Dugald McDougall
1794-95Archibald Ritchie1931-33Donald McPherson
1795-96Archibald McLachlan1933-35James Scott
1796-98Archibald Falconer Snr1935-37Andrew R Ballantine
1798-1801Adam Johnston1937-43James F Wylie
1801-04Robert Paton1943-45James Boyd
1804-05James Shaw1945-47Hugh Campbell
1805-08John Rankine1947-49J Wylie
1808-09James Miller1949-51G Kemp
1809-10Alexander Miller1951-53William Gourlay
1810-12William Hartwell1953-55R Spence
1812-14Ritchie Johnston1955-57Sinclair Roxburgh
1814-15Alexander Carswell1957-59Duncan Ferguson
1815-17Joseph Dougall1959-61Ronald Thomas
1817-21Adam McLeish1961-63Daniel MacLeod
1821-22John Laird1963-65Robert Meldrum
1822-23Maitland Young1965-67Thomas D Smith
1823-25James Dunlop1967-69William M H Macfarlane
1825-27William Cunninghame1969-71David S Jamieson
1827-31William Lade1971-73Archibald Hoey
1831-32Walter McLachlan1973-75David McAllister
1832-35John Grant1975-77Robert L McAuslan
1835-36Archibald Falconer Jnr1977-79John L Anderson
1836-38Wemtss Orrock1979-81Robert S Stone
1838-51Archibald M Burrell1981-83Roderick R Carmichael
1851-53John Nicol1983-85George Freeman
1853-55Archibald McCallum1985-87William R Nugent
1855-57James Anderson1987-89Ian Gordon
1857-59James Greive1989-91James Cowan
1859-61M L Inglis1991-93Robert H Macfarlane
1861-62Alexander Lang1993-95John R S Keith
1862-63David Gilkison1995-97Daniel Blaney
1863-65D C Pagan1997-99John McAlister
1865-67David Gilkison1999-2001John Docherty
1867-68James Greive2001-03James Donnelly
1868-69John Anderson2003-05Alasdair J Keith
1869-72James Turnbull2005-07Gregor Keith
1872-73David Gilkison2007-08Alasdair J Keith
1873-76James Allan2008-10George W Hamilton
1876-78James Reid2010-12C John Falconer
1878-84Andrew McGeachan2012-14Gerard C Robertson
1884-86Thomas Duncan2014-15Clive Taulbut
1886-89David Wingate2015-17Gordon D. R. Leitch
1889-90A B Cowan
1890-93Robert Harvey
1893-95James Hutchison
1895-98John Duncan
1898-1901Walter N Campbell
1901-03William Campbell
1903-05George Kerr