2014 – Burns Supper

2014 Burns Supper
Top Table Speakers

The Lodge held its Annual Burns Supper in the Lodge rooms on Thursday 30th January, 2014, which was well attended by the brethren and their guests.

The evening commenced with the top table guests being piped to their table by Mr Nicholas Donnelly.

The Chairman, Bro. Gerard C Robertson RWM, welcomed everyone present and hoped that they would have a very enjoyable evening, after which, Mr. Jim Donnelly said grace.

A haggis was presented by Mr. John Falconer and ably addressed by Mr Jamie Donnelly. We then sat down to enjoy the dinner.

After the loyal toast, we were entertained by Mr Ross Nugent, who gave us his expert rendition of “Tam O’Shanter” complete with sound effects from Mr Ian Penny on the keyboards.

The evening commenced with the top table guests being piped to their table by Mr Nicholas Donnelly.

The Chairman then introduced Mr Tom Robertson, who presented his excellent Immortal Memory and toast to the bard. Being a proud Govanite, Tom decided that it would be appropriate that he donned the appropriate attire and promptly changed his clothes to garb akin to “Rab C. Nesbit”, including head bandage, string vest, morning paper and the compulsory bottle of Buckfast tonic wine.

The immortal memory, which was both humorous and informative, received a hearty applause by all present.

Mr John Falconer then proposed an excellent toast to “Our Guest” Mr Tom Robertson, which received the approbation of all present. Mr Robertson made as suitable and dignified a reply as Rab C. could muster.

The 1st part of the evening was brought to a close when Mr Jamie Donnelly recited his excellent rendition of “Willie Wastle”.

To begin the 2nd part of the evening, the chairman introduced Mr Ian Ross, who proposed a very humorous and entertaining Toast to the Lasses.

There followed some communal singing of a number of Burns songs, led by Mr Boyd Thompson, accompanied by Me Ian Penny on keyboards.

This was followed by Mr Jock Service, gave an equally entertaining and humorous reply in reply to the Toast to the Lasses.

Mr Ross Nugent then entered, dressed in nightshirt and entertained us with another excellent rendition of “Holy Willie” which received a standing ovation.

Mr Clive Taulbut WSW, then gave a humorous Toast to the Chairman, which was well received. The Chairman gave a suitable reply.

We were again entertained by Mr Jamie Donnelly with his rendition of “A Mans A Man for Aw That”.

The evening drew towards its conclusion when Mr boyd Thompson led the company in a rousing “Star O Rabbie Burns.”

The evening ended with the company singing Auld Lang Syne.

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