2012 – Congratulations to Bro. Ian McLean Worshipful Master

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Brother Ian McLean was initiated into 217 on 4th January 1973. He held the offices of Sw.Br. and Arch. In 1975, he was due to go to the office of I.G. when he had to decline as his employers, Playtex, sent him to work in Canada.

He returned to Scotland and joined the police. Shiftwork prevented him from attending lodge regularly. When he retired in 1999, he returned to regularly attendance at the Lodge.

In 2001, whilst Bro. Jim Donnelly was RWM, Bro. Ian McLean a was recommended again for I.G. within the Lodge. Unfortunately,he had to decline and soon after he left Scotland to live in the sunshine of Cyprus.

During all this time he has maintained regular contact with his Mother Lodge, who were aware that he was a regular attendee at Apollo Lodge No. 7886 within the District Grand Lodge of Cyprus and under the United Grand Lodge of England. He eventually joined his adopted Lodge on 10th May, 2005.

Since this time, he has been a very active freemason and has joined a goodly number of other orders.

Brother McLean progressed through the offices and on the evening of Tuesday 10 January 2012, Brother McLean was installed into the chair of King Solomon of Apollo Lodge No.7886.

In his speech after installation Worshipful Master Bro. McLean was proud to credit his Mother Lodge for the sound grounding he had received in Freemasonry.

Worshipful Master Bro. Ian passes on fraternal greetings from all at Apollo Lodge No.7886, wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

In 1963, Lodge Kitchener Lodge moved from Episkopi Garrison in the western sovereign area of Cyprus to Dhekelia in the eastern sovereign area. This resulted in a Petition to form a new Lodge from those unable to travel to Dhekelia. This was granted and Apollo Lodge No.7886 was formed. The name comes from the nearby ancient Sanctuary of Apollo, whose remaining pillars appear on the Lodge crest. The membership of the Lodge, much like its sponsor Lodge, originally depended to a large extent on Freemasons in the military, although many locals have joined over the years as the army and air force personnel departed for home. They still meet at the Episkopi Garrison.

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